Personal webpage of Dr. Md Habibullah Bahar

Employment Experience


Research Plan Biologist

(Nov 2014 - present)

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Saskatoon Research Centre, Saskatoon.



NSERC Visiting Fellow          

(Sept 2011 - Sept 2014)                            

 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Saskatoon Research Centre, Saskatoon.



Research Assistant

(Jan 2011 – Sept 2011)

Zoology, University of New England, Australia

 ·       Collecting Rutherglen bugs from field and rearing Rutherglen bugs in laboratory.

 ·        Growing sunflower plants in greenhouse, conducting experiments on “interactions between Rutherglen bugs and entomopathogenic fungi in different temperatures and

       relative humidity”, “physiological responses of Rutherglen bugs in climate changes”.

 ·         Data analysing, presenting and publishing.



Casual Academic

(Feb 2008 – Sept 2011)

University of New England, Australia


·         Lecturing AGRO311: Plant Protection

·         Demonstrating BIOL120: Biology

  Casual Research Assistant

  (Nov 2008–Sept 2011)

  Cotton CRC, University of New England, Australia

 ·         Rearing Helicoverpa armigera on artificial diets.

 ·         Setting olfactometer experiments and collecting data.


Lecturer & Assistant Professor

(April 2004 – May 2013)

Khulna UniversityBangladesh



·        Preparing and delivering lectures (both theoretical and practical) on agricultural entomology to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

·        Conducting and supervising research works related to agricultural development.

·        Data analyzing, interpreting and writing up research and preparing it for publication.

·        Preparing and delivering lectures, seminars and tutorials to different groups of people.

·         Different administrative works.


Research Assistant

(Aug 2002– March 2004)

Georg-August-University, Goettingen, Germany



·         Conducting research on Entomology (whitefly, Encarsia and Bt brinjal)